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Rely on our vertical access solutions for safe, effective antenna service.

Antennas capture and transmit radio electromagnetic waves, and they range significantly in shape and size. From little antennas you can find on your roof to larger ones that capture signals from satellites orbiting the earth, antennas serve an important role in our interconnected life today.

Antenna services in Toronto, Ontario

If you run an operation that requires ongoing service and oversight of large antennas, you know the safety and logistical challenges of servicing this equipment. Instead of putting your personal team members at risk, trust your antenna servicing needs to our vertical access experts at Tundra Rescue. We specialize in vertical access solutions as part of our antenna services and can effectively help you install or service any antenna under your jurisdiction.

A large part of our antenna services include devising a rope system that allows us to safely and effectively obtain access to the antenna’s core infrastructure. Our technicians are certified, trained, and experienced at creating these rope systems, and we will carefully and completely devise a system customized to your antenna site. We can also provide safety and emergency standby services if you intend to have one of your technicians do the job.

We proudly serve operations throughout the Toronto, Ontario region, and we are happy to discuss the details of your next antenna project with you. Contact us now for additional information about our antenna services or to book a time for us to come and survey your site.

Antenna services in Ontario
Antenna services in Niagara, ON


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