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Tundra Rescue offers various wind energy services delivered by Global Wind Organisation (GWO) trained technicians including:

A Tundra Rescue technician, providing wind turbine maintainance services

  • Turbine and Blade Access
  • Turbine and Blade Inspections
  • Blade Fibreglass Repair
  • Installation of equipment on external areas of the turbine
  • Wind Turbine and Blade Cleaning Services
  • Confined Space Operations
  • Assistance with installation and routine maintenance


Using rope access techniques safely using technical specifications set out by SPRAT, we have experience of working on wind energy sites throughout Ontario, in Quebec, Manitoba and internationally and Tundra Rescue is a designated after sales maintenance provider in Canada for one of the largest turbine manufacturers in the world.

For more details of how we can support you with these and other wind energy services in Ontario, please get in touch.


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