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Tundra provides confined space, rope access, training and industrial services in all kinds of working environments.


Our History

Tundra Rescue was founded in 2011 by Canadian military veterans with expertise in mountain operations and a vision to create a consultancy that could provide types of specialist rescue assistance to organisations working in remote areas.

Today, following various changes in management and strategy over the last decade and a lot of growth, we are a respected specialist provider of industrial and commercial safety, maintenance, technical access, rope access and training solutions in all kinds of working environments and sectors.

Our customers range from small local companies to some of Canada’s largest and most well-known firms and brands.

We are called Tundra Rescue but we offer much more than just rescue services.


Our Locations

Our main office is situated in the Cleaview township of Ontario, but our flexible operational model allows us to support customers throughout Ontario, with our typical worksites including the Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, Brampton, Niagara, Barrie, Sudbury and Ottawa areas, and we have completed tasks successfully both nationally in different provinces in Canada, and internationally.

Our mission is to bring a dynamic and customer-focused approach to delivering the highest-quality rescue, access, safety and associated training and technical solutions.


Our People

Our permanent staff members are subject matter experts in trades including rope access, confined space safety as well as other associated technical industrial and safety-related fields.

Some of us still do have military or emergency services experience but Tundra Rescue’s priority today is meeting the diverse requirements of our industrial and commerical clients across Ontario, and we recruit based on the skills and and qualities these clients need.

Our permanent staff are supplemented by a carefully selected and managed pool of part-time specialists, ensuring we have the right people available for each task whenever they are needed, and our operations staff are supported by an administrative section which manages new inquiries, logistics, equipment, compliance, contracting and follow-up administration.

Our customer points-of-contact are often busy project and programme managers and we understand that getting the offsite administration right is critical to their success too.


Tundra International

Tundra Rescue and Tundra Group are trading names for Tundra International Inc. Founded in 2006, this risk management organization and its affiliate companies have provided various types of operational security, safety and training assistance globally for more than fifteen years to clients including five national governments.



For further information about our solutions for technical access, safety, and maintenance issues, contact us today.