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Tundra Group provides rope access training to organizations on a global scale.

Rope access skills are vital in a wide range of industries and applications. Many members of the world’s militaries use their rope access skills to reach areas that are otherwise hard to access, as well as drop from helicopters and other aircraft to perform rescues. Gaining rope access skills can be very beneficial in various areas, which is why our team at Tundra Rescue offers rope access training throughout Ontario. We are a part of Tundra Group, which is a risk management and business advisory organization that has been serving local clients for more than a decade.

Rope Access Training in Ontario

Tundra Group provides rope access training to organizations on a global scale. We have worked with governments of Canada, Japan, Finland, France, and the United States, as well as major media networks in Canada and local businesses from a wide range of sectors, such as cosmetics, gas, and oil. Over the years, we have gained quite a bit of experience, which has allowed us to share our knowledge with groups that have need for rope access training. We allow our customers to benefit from our experience while retaining energy, flexibility, and a high degree of service and support.

If you would like to schedule rope access training for your group or business, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your course will be taught by an experienced and knowledgeable rope access expert who is certified by one or both of the major rope access societies/associations. Our technician are also certified by third-party compliance organizations.

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