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As one of the premier confined space companies in the province, we take safety very seriously.

Working in a confined space is dangerous, especially if that space has limited oxygen. Some of the industries that commonly work in these types of spaces include mining, engineering, emergency services, and construction. If your business deals with confined spaces, it’s important to have a trusted partner that can handle your needs. Although there are several confined space companies offering their services in Ontario, not all can compare with the services offered by our team Tundra Rescue. We have been providing our service to local clients for more than 10 years and continue to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Confined Space Companies in Ontario

As one of the premier confined space companies in the province, we take safety very seriously. We build our rescue systems with a focus on ensuring the safety of those who will enter small spaces, while also making sure the technicians we send to handle the work are able to provide support and efficiency. A standby rescue team can become an excellent partner for you, should the need arise to enter a confined space safely and efficiently. Throughout every step of the process, we act as part of your team to support and facilitate the work that needs to be done. We can also get to areas that are difficult to reach through our rope access services.

You can count on our knowledgeable team to look out for your best interests and do everything we can to help you reach your organizational goals. For the best service from a local confined space company, trust our professionals at Tundra Rescue.

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