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Our Mission, Vision and Values


Tundra Rescue operates according to the following Mission, Vision and Values. These are intended as a both guide and an inspiration for our management and staff, and to show our customers the kind of organisation that we are and that we continue to aspire to be.


Our Mission


We exist to deliver excellence in industrial access, safety and work solutions for the benefit of our customers, our staff and the wider community.  We do this by encouraging and remaining accountable to an organizational culture featuring teamwork, awareness and open communication to support accomplishment.


Our Vision


Tundra Rescue’s vision is to be a leading provider of industrial access, safety and work solutions in Ontario; to be respected and trusted equally for our performance and the integrity we reveal in the way we work.


Our Values


#1    We strive for excellence in performance, personal and organisational growth, but not at the expense of our integrity or the dignity and safety of our customers and colleagues


#2    We partner with our customers: joining their teams, adding value where we can, helping them reach their goals and celebrating their achievements.


#3    We are attentive to details, observant, aware and self-reflective. When we notice emerging issues we communicate, solving them when we are able and seeking advice when we are not, instead of watching them become problems.


#4    We actively look for ways we can improve and innovate to help build a better organisation, support our customers and colleagues more effectively and move us towards our mission and vision.  


#5    We are respectful, compassionate and inclusive. We believe that diversity in organisations is desirable. We acknowledge our responsibility to foster, curate and sustain a healthy work environment for our customers and colleagues.



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