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Our high angle rescue team includes trained, skilled individuals who are up for the task.

There are a number of rope rescue techniques used in various applications and situations. One of the more technical techniques is high angle rescue, which is necessary when a rescue must be made of an incapacitated or injured person at a slope of 60 degrees or greater. It differs from a low angle rescue in the angle of the person who is being rescued, as a low angle rescue is anything between 15 and 35 degrees.

High Angle Rescue Team in Ontario

In Ontario, one of the best high angle rescue teams to handle this type of technical rescue is our team at Tundra Rescue. Our high angle rescue team includes trained, skilled individuals who are up for the task. We work closely with businesses across quite a few industries to provide our services, including those that work with piping, wind turbines, towers, tanks, and ledges. We can provide our services for your construction, oil, mining, or gas project, or any other project or situation that may necessitate the services of a high angle rescue team.

When our high angle rescue team sets out on a job, we may need to use ropes, harnesses, belay devices, pulleys, and other hauling equipment to safely and securely hoist a person from a high angle. This type of rescue technique is one of the riskiest because those involved are completely dependent on ropes for accessing and getting out of the rescue. All members of our high angle rescue team have undergone more specialized training to ensure that they can properly and securely set up their ropes for a successful outcome.

At Tundra Rescue, our high-angle rescue team serves clients throughout Ontario, including Stayner, Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara, St. Catharines, London, and Sarnia.