Awesome time doing a ropes access course with the Tundra Rescue family.  Super knowledgeable team and excellent facility.

Seth A.

Excellent team and facility. These guys were super accommodating to my needs, which ultimately led to my success! I look forward to working with Tundra Rescue in the future.

Nick B.

Had a great experience training with the Tundra Rescue crew. Learned a lot of technical skills while having a great time. The staff was a very experienced group of individuals with different work backgrounds. I look forward to training again with Tundra Rescue.


I’ve worked with this crew on multiple occasions in the wind energy market. Highly skilled crew with great work ethic! Their training facility is also top-of-the-line. I would definitely recommend them for any of your high angle rescue/rope access and confined space needs!

Shawn H.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Tundra Rescue on a construction site in downtown Toronto for the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus expansion. The project involved drilling basement foundations for a new civil engineering building using a massive Liebherr drilling rig to excavate approximately 100 columns of 20m depth.

My company was the geotechnical consulting engineering firm hired to inspect the footings. This involves descending the length of the 1m diameter holes to confirm a solid bedrock base to take the structure’s load adequately. Tundra Rescue was responsible for keeping me safe as I descended to depth and resurfaced with the help of a mechanical advantage rope system consisting of pulleys and rope grabs redirected down the hole using a rope rescue Vortex Tripod.

Throughout the entire process, roughly 130 entries were required, and I felt absolutely safe in all of them. This job blended confined space and being suspended at height, which can both be scary, but due to the professionalism and expertise of Tundra’s rope access technicians, I always felt informed and safe. If you know and trust the equipment and the people operating that equipment, then there is nothing to fear.  The equipment used in the lowering and hoisting was inspected and tested daily, safety briefs were a daily occurrence,  and communication was effective and productive throughout the entire project, despite the fast-paced work environment. 

After spending time on that project working confined space, I learned that Tundra Rescue also offers many other standby rescue, working-at-heights and confined space training and services. The other projects I recall hearing about involved wind turbine maintenance, regional water-main confined space work, and industrial factory rope access and standby rescue services. 

Overall, it was a great experience. I had a messy job to do in going down all those holes and writing reports on them… So safety for these entries was priority number one for everyone involved. Tundra Rescue, the drillers, and the general contractor gave me confidence and allowed me to focus on my task at hand.

Matt S.