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Tundra Rescue has supported customers in industries and sectors including chemical and electrical engineering, food and beverage manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, wind energy, construction, engineering, pipeline and waste water management, real estate and facilities management, and defence and security.

Our customers range in size and scale from small local businesses to some of the world’s largest companies and most recognizable brands.

The following projects are provided as examples to show the type of customers and industries Tundra Rescue has successfully supported in the past:



Aerospace Manufacturing: Confined Space Safety Support

Tundra Rescue has provided confined space safety and standby rescue services to an international, multi-billion dollar aerospace manufacturer since 2017.

Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace Manufacturing: Confined Space Services

In support of this company’s recurring facilities maintenance cycle, we regularly deploy safety and rescue technicians in order to facilitate safe entry into various confined spaces, and also in order to provide immediate rescue should it be required.

Our services to this client also include a comprehensive assessment and gap analysis of existing confined spaces and confined space safety procedures.


Automotive Manufacturing: Confined Space Safety Rescue, Plant Shutdowns

During a multi-weekend plant shutdown, Tundra Rescue supported one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers by providing confined space Rescue and Recovery support teams.

Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing

Deploying numerous rotating shifts of confined space rescue technicians, our teams facilitated continuous entry into various potentially hazardous spaces over 48 hour periods.

Our flexibility, and dedication to exceeding customer expectations was demonstrated by working closely with the customer to fill additional manning and logistics needs as the project dynamics shifted rapidly.


Wind Energy Hybrid Project: Rope Access, Safety Consultancy and Mission Support in Central America 

Tundra Rescue completed a hybrid project overseas, providing a combination of Rope Access consultancy, security risk advisory services and mission support to a customer in the Wind Energy sector.

Wind Energy Hybrid Project

Wind Energy: Safety Consultancy and Mission Support

Personnel were deployed to two countries in Central America, providing in-country support.

Our resources and capabilities allow us to provide both maintenance and security, in even the most hazardous environments. To learn more about this service, visit our Rope Access page.


Construction: Water Main Sensor Cable Modification, Confined Space Safety 

Our client, a very large water technology company, had a requirement to make modifications to sensitive instruments located almost 1km underground through a tunnel network.

Construction: Water Main Sensor Cable Modification

Water Main Maintenance: Confined Space and Rope Access

Tundra Rescue successfully designed and implemented a hybrid access and work solution. In a joint operation involving both rope access and confined space rescue technicians.

Our teams were able to meet the demands of this challenging technical environment and achieve all deliverables within a highly rigid timeline, and were specifically praised in client’s post-completion review of the project.



Wind Energy: Wind Turbine Constrution 

Reinforcing Tundra’s place as a leading wind energy support service provider, Tundra Rescue provided rope access services to assist in the construction of 77 new wind turbines in the Niagara Region of Ontario.

Wind Energy: Wind Turbine Construction

Wind Energy and Rope Access: Turbine Construction

Deploying rope access systems on both the interior and exterior of turbines during the construction and commissioning phases, our technicians completed a series of tasks including inspection, installation, painting, repair and composites modification over a 3 month period, with a level of technical performance and flexibility that exceeded our customer’s expectations.


Chemical Engineering: Confined Space Rescue Standby 

Tundra Rescue deployed several crews of confined space standby rescue technicians in order to support the inspection and maintenance needs of a major petro-chemical manufacturer during a plant shut-down.

Petrochemical: Confined Space Rescue Standby

Chemical Engineering: Confined Space Rescue Support

Providing air monitoring, ventilation, documentation and standby rescue with contact-rescue capabilities, our teams enabled convenient and expedient access to potentially hazardous enclosed environments while providing the customer a high degree of flexibility in scheduling. To learn more about this service visit our Confined Space Safety page.


Wind Energy and Rope Access: Turbine Nacelle and Tower Cleaning

Deploying a team of industrial rope access technicians, Tundra Rescue provided maintenance services to a major Wind Energy operator following unexpected damage.

Wind Energy: Turbine Nacelle & Tower Cleaning

Wind Energy and Rope Access: Turbine Cleaning

In response to a need for the cleaning of a wind turbine nacelle and tower, our technicians safely and efficiently gained access to the turbine exterior in order to successfully clean the structure. Implementing a SPRAT two-rope Rope Access system, our technicians were able to reach highly challenging access areas in order to carry out the cleaning.

In-depth onsite risk assessment, fully redundant backup safety systems and internal rescue capacity enable our teams to comfortably meet the demands of projects with challenging and restricted access.  Learn more about this service by visiting our rope access page.


Building Maintenance: Painting of Amphitheatre Facade Over Water 

Tundra Rescue deployed a team of rope access technicians to complete cleaning and painting of the facade of a popular amphitheatre in Toronto Ontario.

Maintenance: Painting of Amphitheatre Facade

Rope Access and Building Maintenance: Painting and Coating

Our technicians completed the work while suspended on rope above water, where alternative access methods would have been challenging and restrictive.

The work was completed within a rigid timeline, exceeding customer expectations. The versatility and efficiency of our Rope Access methods enabled a rapid and cost-effective solution to the customer’s needs. Learn more about this service by visiting our Rope Access page.


Defence and Security: Rope Access, Confined Space and High Angle Training

Since 2013 and through multiple successful tender awards Tundra Rescue has been a training provider and Subject Matter Expert to certain specialized units within the Canadian Armed Forces in for rope access and customized work aloft techniques.

Training: Canadian Department of National Defence

Defence: Rope Access, Work Aloft and High Angle Training


This training provides the client with intensive practical instruction, and formal third-party assessment. Tundra Rescue specializes in the development of in-depth and customized training programs, according to the customer’s needs.


Construction: Confined Space Safety for Cassion Inspections

Tundra Rescue provided confined space access and rescue standby services for caisson inspections during the construction of major, well-known leisure facility. An inspector was lowered into the caisson to complete an inspection and once complete, the inspector was safely removed from the caisson.

Construction: Confined Space Caisson Inspections

Construction: Confined Space Safety for Cassion Inspections

This process was repeated for approximately 80 caissons. Tundra Rescue’s efficiency and safe operations assisted the prime contractor meet tight construction deadlines.

Tundra Rescue has relationships with several large construction firms to provide personnel, equipment and safety standards for confined space access and standby rescue services.


Telecommunications: Tower Climbing Training in Afghanistan

In 2012 Tundra Rescue deployed to Kandahar, in southern Afghanistan to assist a Canadian telecommunications company with tower access and rescue training courses appropriate for higher risk areas.

Telecommunications: Tower Climbing Training In Afghanistan

Telecommunications: Tower Climbing

The tower access training consisted of inspections, care and maintenance of tower access equipment as well as the use of safe operating procedures while working at height. In addition to the tower access training.

Tundra Rescue also conducted a specialized rescue course which entailed specific operating procedures for quickly and safely descending while working at height, while in a fast-changing security environment.

Tundra Rescue is ideally suited to deliver our services in overseas and higher risk areas, being part of a risk management company can also provide travel threat and risk assessments for the wider project environment. Back home in Canada we have extensively support companies requiring rope access / tower climbing support for various different reasons.


We would be pleased additional details of our past performance on request to interested potential customers.