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Our confined space assistants, confined space attendants and rescue teams allow effective and safe entrance to any confined spaces.

Does your facility contain confined spaces that your personnel must enter to conduct routine maintenance, repairs or other work? If so, Tundra Rescue can provide the support you need to navigate confined spaces with confidence and the utmost safety. Creating a customized solution can also save you time and money because in addition to reducing safety and technical risks, the work in the confined space will occur more efficiently and safely.

Confined Space in Toronto, Ontario

A confined space represents a major hazard in your facility. It may have a low oxygen supply, or other harmful substances may be present. Certain activities, including welding or cleaning using certain chemical agents, can increase the risks of entering confined spaces further. Whatever your challenging situation and conditions, our experienced and certified technicians have the knowledge needed to provide safe access options, which can include designing a technical rope system to increase access if that is required. Even in adverse environments or challenging internal geometry, we are confident that we can find a safe solution that adheres to any regulations and follows relevant federal, provincial and NFPA standards.

As well as providing confined space technicians, we can also assist with standby rescue teams that you can call on for client extraction services or onsite trauma care if you ever have an emergency situation involving a confined space.

We are located near Toronto, Ontario, but we have worked with organizations and companies in many places throughout Ontario and even internationally. If you have an access or confined space concern, give us a call today.

Confined Space in Ontario
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