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Rope access is a safe, versatile way of reaching difficult access areas in all kind of industries and sites.

A Tundra Rescue technician using rope access to work beyond the limits of traditional access methods.

Tundra Rescue provides rope access services to a variety of industries, and we are committed to increasing the safety of personnel who work at height by using modern and innovative rope access techniques combined with robust quality management systems.

We use highly trained SPRAT and / or IRATA certified technicians and methodologies to safely and efficiently reach work areas, often at significant reductions in costs associated with using scaffolding or other systems that can impact business continuity, with long setup times and shutdown requirements. Our services also include high angle standby rescue teams.

Tundra Rescue provides rope access services to clients involved in chemical processing, wind energy, construction, painting and coatings, property and facility management, cleaning firms, manufacturing plants, as well as the Ontario Provincial Police, and the Canadian Armed Forces, and others in Ontario and beyond.

We are constantly evaluating new ways in which using ropes can solve access and safety problems for different industries. In short, any situation requiring a mechanical lift, crane, or scaffolding may also be suitable for rope access.

All of our rope access technicians are accredited through the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) and/or the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). Many also have relevant additional technical and commercial trade skills. For organizations requiring more standard training and compliance support, we also offer work-at-heights training courses that are compliant with Ontario provincial standards.

Efficient, versatile, and economical, rope access solutions provided by our team at Tundra Rescue can effectively support your organization’s objectives. For additional information, contact us today.

Questions About Our Rope Access Solutions Answered

At Tundra Rescue, we proudly provide highly effective, safety-driven rope access systems to our client base. We are here to provide as much information about our processes and systems as possible. Below, we have answered some of our most frequently asked questions.

Why are rope access systems beneficial?
Rope access can greatly reduce the costs associated with using scaffolding or other systems. In most cases, rope access also takes much less time to set up and shut down, lessening scheduling burdens for your organization.
What certifications do your technicians have?
We only deploy technicians accredited through the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) and/or the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). Many of our technicians also have relevant commercial trade and technical skills.
Do you offer trainings for working at heights?
Yes! Ask us about our training solutions if your organization requires more standard compliance support or standard training. Our training courses are compliant with Ontario provincial standards.
When should I use rope access?
Rope access is beneficial in almost any situation with a difficult access requirement. Common uses for rope access include painting, coating, and sealing at height, cleaning services, general repairs, inspections for safety, along with many other applications; and while people normally think of rope access being used above ground, it also has applicability to tasks on sites below ground level including works in foundations, tunnels and mine shafts.
What types of organizations do you serve?
The potential applications of rope access are so broad that it is difficult for us to say that we have a typical type of customers , but we do regularly support organizations that need assistance with machinery maintenance, building maintenance, industrial installation, painting and coatings, energy generation, and construction and engineering amongst others. We are happy to talk to you more about how our solutions can benefit your particular company and projects.

At Tundra Rescue, we provide rope access services throughout Ontario, including Stayner, Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara, St. Catharines, London, and Sarnia.

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