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Safely and effectively gain entrance to confined spaces.

At Tundra Rescue, we provide the very highest-quality confined space access and rescue solutions. We are skilled professionals who are comfortable and effective in challenging working conditions and situations. Our technicians are well-equipped, trained to NFPA standards, adhere to provincial regulations, and are also certified by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) and/or the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA).

Confined Space

Our goal as a confined space service provider is to offer more than just compliance. We build our rescue systems with the primary objective of optimizing the safety of the entrant, but we also believe a standby rescue team can offer significant project support and efficiencies by designing and operating our rope system to facilitate and support the work or inspection being done in the confined space or difficult-to-access area.

The confined space safety services we provide normally fall into either or both of these categories:

  1. Access—We provide safe, comfortable, and efficient access to all confined spaces in any setting. Implementing customized technical rope systems, we specialize in providing entry to adverse environments with challenging internal geometry.
  2. Standby rescue—In addition to facilitating access to confined spaces, our team is fully prepared to provide emergency client extraction and onsite trauma care. Our access systems are installed with the express purpose of effective and timely evacuation from the confined space. Every entry is preceded by the development of a custom rescue plan, enabling our standby team to function swiftly and effectively in an emergency situation.

At Tundra Rescue, we provide confined space solutions to organizations in Ontario and beyond. Contact us today for additional information!

Confined Space in Toronto, Ontario


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