SPRAT, Ontario

Our technicians are SPRAT or IRATA certified.

Safe, cost-effective, and efficient, rope access allows you to confidently access vertical structures for inspection, construction, and maintenance above and below ground.

Certification from the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) provides instant credibility and recognition for the technician, as well as the companies that invest in this credential.

SPRAT, Ontario

At Tundra Rescue, all of our rope access technicians maintain SPRAT or IRATA or both certifications to better serve the operations that hire us and to provide superior rope access solutions that comply with regulations in Ontario and enhance project safety.

The mission of SPRAT is to advance the safe utilization of rope systems through standards development, ongoing education, and administering certifications. Technicians who receive this certification also receive networking, regulatory support, and opportunities to consult on developing industry standards.

Rope access is a growing profession with new applications for working on ropes continuing to be proven. We believe SPRAT certification provides our technicians with the training needed to establish exceptionally versatile, efficient, and safe solutions required to combat vertical access issues, whether aboveground or underground.

Whether your organization requires assistance with painting, structural inspections, sand blasting, building repair or maintenance, rock scaling, construction or another project, our SPRAT technicians can implement safe, effective rope access solutions. Contact us at Tundra Rescue for additional information about our capabilities and our technicians’ credentials.

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