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We provide rope access training to many different types of organizations on a global scale.

Designing and installing rope access systems is only part of the work we do at Tundra Rescue. Another component of our work is rope access training, which is essential to the safety of any of your personnel who may need to use your rope access system on a temporary or regular basis. Rope access solutions can give you economical, safe and convenient access to the exterior of your facility, whether it is a manufacturing facility, a wind farm or any other large-scale building or structure.

Rope Access Training in Hamilton, Ontario

Previously, cranes, lifts and scaffolding were common solutions to vertical access problems, but they can add significant amounts of time to a project, not to mention possibly shutting down your facility temporarily and costing a significant amount of money. Rope access systems can be less costly and more flexible and versatile to meet your ever-changing needs.

Once your system is installed, we will normally be able to complete work for you by providing contractor staff with relevant technical skills; however, in some cases, you may need your own personnel to be able to use rope access techniques too, and that is where our superior rope access training comes in. Our trainers are Level 3 instructors in one or both of the major rope access societies/associations, and are also certified by third-party compliance organizations like Comply Works, ISN or Browz. We have trained with training personnel at many different companies and industries, including the Canadian government. From the basics of safety on a rope access system to the finer details of work far above the ground, we have the knowledge and experience needed to keep your valuable personnel safe.

Call today to learn more about our rope access training for your organization or how we can offer solutions where we assist your staff access difficult areas, whether you are located in Hamilton, Ontario or elsewhere.

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