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Tundra Rescue provides rope access training to individuals and organizations

Rope access skills are vital in a wide range of industries and applications ranging from construction, to oil and gas, energy and facilities management amongst many others.

Tundra Rescue, for example, has worked with media and film production networks, industrial manufacturing facilities, oil and gas companies, wind farms, construction sites, police organizations, cleaning firms, chemical plants, painters and property management firms, amongst others.

To meet the needs of organizations and individuals that might require rope access certification, Tundra Rescue offers rope access training at our own training facility in the Clearview township, as well as in Toronto, throughout the Great Toronto Area, Niagara and beyond in Ontario .

Tundra Rescue rope access training course for a specialist military unit

Tundra Rescue, is a member of the Ontario Rope Access Association and conducts training according to the standards set out by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) with course options ranging from no previous knowledge to Level 3 Supervisor refresher courses.

Our courses are taught by experienced and knowledgeable rope access experts who are certified by one or both of the major rope access societies/associations, and training is also certified by third-party evaluators.

For individuals, we provide advance notice of training courses on this site and we encourage organizations to contact us directly particularly if you require more than one individual to receive training or if you would like to schedule rope access training for your group or business.

It may also be that the best option is for us to do the work for you, in which case our own rope access technicians or standby rescue teams can be scheduled instead. In either case please use the links and forms on this page to contact us.

[Please note for overseas trainees, we are unable to assist with visa applications and therefore only very exceptionally will be able to host international visitors on our rope access courses.]


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