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Tundra Rescue for assistance with aerial safety and rigging in movie and TV production

Movies and television productions sometimes requires aerial scenes where actors are required to work at heights. Using our rope access and safety rigging experience Tundra Rescue can assist in the safety of workers and actors while these types of scenes are being filmed, not just keeping them safe but efficiently helping to deliver the director’s vision too.

We have experience assisting several productions in the Toronto film industry with aerial safety, stunt rigging and other types of work at heights challenges, and a long history of supporting media companies with their safety while working in higher risk situations.

Stunt Rigging for Film and TV in Toronto, Ontario

Our technicians are highly trained in the latest rope access technology and methods, with experience of working on high buildings, bridges, towers and studios amongst many other types of situations. They have independent certification from organizations such as the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) and the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA).

Beyond our technical capabilities it is our ethos is that our staff act as part of your team, trying to identify, anticipate and resolves challenges, working towards your objectives. With this approach and expertise, we are more than equipped to design and operate aerial safety and rigging systems for the film and television industry that keep your performers safe while also achieving your desired production effects and targets.

Our team is proud to serve the the film industry in Toronto and Ontario, and we want to help you make your project the best it can be. If you are looking for the right company to provide aerial safety and safe rigging for film and TV, please get in touch to see how we can help.