4 Times to Use Our Rope Access Solutions [infographic]

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Rope access solutions are needed in situations where traditional methods of access are impractical or cost prohibitive. We provide rope access solutions at Tundra Rescue, and there are several times where you might need to hire us for rope access while working in challenging or elevated locations:

4 Times to Use Our Rope Access Solutions

  1. Building maintenance and inspection—Rope access is commonly used for inspecting and maintaining the exterior of buildings. For example, rope access can be used to complete façade repairs or painting without the need for cranes or scaffolding.
  2. Wind turbine maintenance—Most wind turbines are located in elevated or remote locations. Our rope access technicians can perform maintenance and repair work on wind turbine towers and blades, reducing downtime and costs.
  3. Confined space work—When working in confined spaces, like silos, tanks, and sewers, rope access can provide safe entry and exit solutions. Rope access can streamline this work, allowing workers to better maintain their safety and complete jobs efficiently.
  4. Specialized inspections—Rope access can be useful for testing or inspecting structures and equipment not easily accessible by traditional means, such as industrial chimneys, communication towers, and antennas.

If you have questions about how rope access could benefit your operation, contact us today.