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The snow isn’t quite lying yet here on the south side of Lake Huron, but, here at Tundra Rescue, we have done our winterisation, and we are feeling ready for it when it arrives.

Like many businesses in Ontario our work is seasonal, and our busiest times tend to be March at the end of winter, July just before the August holiday season, and October into the start of November, just before winter sets in.


In fact, this month we are supporting more customers than we have in any other month in our 12-year history.


We also often have some shorter busy periods during moments like the December holiday season, which frequently finds us supporting shutdowns and short-notice callouts, working when many others are not.


We recognise that changes in our workflow are not just about Canada’s seasons, because a lot of our work is based around supporting maintenance and upgrades too. How busy we are often depends greatly on other people’s program budgets and how much money they have left to spend at certain times of the year.

For us, as things are becoming a little bit quieter operationally, we are working hard on skill refreshment and continuing to build our pool of qualified supervisors and part-time technicians.


And as we set our own 2024 budget, we are making sure that we are allocating sufficient resources to support our own upgrades and improvements, in equipment, skills and people.


Speaking on behalf of the whole management team as we come towards the end of 2023, we really have never been in a better place to support our customers, and in particular their larger and more complex projects, than we are now.


Tundra Rescue is a leading provider of industrial support services involving confined spaces and vertical access challenges in Ontario. If you have any projects that involve confined space safety or technical work with access implications, please do get in touch to see how we can assist.