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The new year is a time where many people and organisations set intentions or goals or choose to make changes,  and one of our first tasks this year at Tundra Rescue was assisting an educational institution, which has recently changed its name, by removing some of the remaining out-of-date name signs and logos that needed to be replaced from its buildings.

Tundra rope access technicians pressure washing a building wall after a sign removal task.

Conceptualising this task was initially proving to a challenge for the project managers involved with it, because access to the signs by scaffolding, boom lift or other traditional methods was not practical or even possible.

There was also the issue that some of the signs were very heavy and not at all portable in the circumstances.

By using rope access techniques however we were able to complete the sign removal and follow-up pressure washing of the leftover marks safely and with very low levels of disruption to either the institution’s activity or local movement in the area.

We also completed this at considerably lower cost in comparison to some of the other methods that were being considered.

We are happy that the end client and their students are able to start their new year with clean buildings, ready for their re-brand.


Here at Tundra Rescue we are experiencing what is likely to become our busiest January so far, with an interesting variety of clients and projects ranging from changing and installing signs at the top of high buildings to looking after the safety of engineering teams working in underground pipelines.

Internally, we have started 2023 with the goals of continuing to optimise the way we work, with initiatives underway to improve our logistics and equipment management, team deployment and health and safety systems, and we are excited about how these will help us deliver our services even more effectively in the coming months.

Wishing all of our customers and followers a happy and productive 2023!