How Can Rope Access Help My Business? [infographic]

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It’s well-known that ropes can be used in sports and outdoor activities like mountaineering. In fact, sport climbing is even becoming an Olympic sport for the first time this year in Tokyo 2020.

It’s less well-known that the use of trained technicians working on ropes is also becoming an increasingly popular method to complete certain types of tasks in industrial and commercial settings. This trade is known as rope access, and Tundra Rescue is a leading provider of rope access services in Ontario. Here are just a few:

  • Access, Standby and Rescue Applications– When workers are required to work at heights or in other difficult access situations like confined spaces, rope access can provide both a method of getting the workers into the places they need to go and a method of safely assisting them or rescuing them, if they have problems while they are there.

How Can Rope Access Help My Business? [infographic]

  • Maintenance of Machinery and Facilities- Rope access can allow access to areas for maintenance work where lifting appliances cannot reach and usually also do it far more economically than scaffolding. It’s suitable for all kinds of structures and facilities, including factories, mines, cranes and silos. Tundra Rescue can provide rope accessed trained contractors with technical skills, or we can assist your technical experts reach the areas they need to get to safely.
  • Industrial Installation & Removal-  When equipment is being installed or dismantled from commercial and industrial facilities, rope access can be employed to assist this activity by allowing workers to get to areas they need to get safety, and sometimes also assisting with the conveyance of equipment and pieces of structure to be installed.
  • Energy Generation- Rope access has a huge number of applications in the energy industry, including work on wind turbines, oil pipelines, hydroelectric dams, power stations and solar energy facilities. These include installation, maintenance, cleaning, refurbishing, and end-of-life dismantling.
  • Construction & Engineering- Rope access is being increasingly used on construction sites in situations where scaffolding or boom-lifts might have previously been used. This includes work above ground at height and below ground level during the construction of foundations. Tundra Rescue regularly works with construction and engineering firms in Ontario.
  • Building Maintenance and Facility Management­­– Rope access can be employed to assist with unique building maintenance requirements, including work on rooftops and high-rise structures, as well as regular maintenance functions like cleaning work and inspections to investigate specific issues or just as general check-ups.
  • Painting, Coating and Sealing­­- Rope access is particularly well-suited to maintenance work involving painting, coating and sealing applications, and Tundra Rescue frequently works with a number of companies in these technical areas. We can provide safe access for your staff or use our own work teams to complete these tasks as you would like us to.
  • Inspections for Safety­– Rope access is ideally suited to situations where visual and contact inspection techniques of facilities and infrastructure are required. These including Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) in particular, and we have used rope access to assist NDT / NDE technicians with inspections ranging in size and scale from major bridges to swimming pool slides.

If you would like to learn more about rope access and how it can be helpful for your business, please contact us at Tundra Rescue.