HomeNewsSpring is here and Tundra Rescue is back on Wind Turbines

We continue to hope that everyone is doing well both personally and at work during this difficult time, and looking abroad we can now see reasons for optimism about the future from other areas of the world, including parts of China, Spain and France which suffered some of the worst concentrations of COVID-19 transmission and fatalities but are now opening up their public spaces and economies again, even now including sports and leisure facilities in some places.

As we have said in previous posts, Tundra Rescue has been available and working throughout this pandemic supporting customers working in critical sectors of the economy including manufacturing, infrastructure and energy; and during the month of May as spring  reached our main office in Clearview the demand for our outdoor rope access services has begun to pick up too.

We have just launched one of our longer wind energy support projects to-date which will see our rope access teams assist with the application of vortex generators and installation of DinoTails™ on wind turbines to increase their efficiency and reduce the noise of blades on a large site in Ontario, and we are keeping our finger’s crossed that the our teams don’t have too many weather-related interruptions.

As well as this wind energy work our rope access teams will be also be starting some new painting projects starting in June. Tundra Rescue has more than five years of experience assisting clients with tasks involving coating and repairing surfaces, particularly in situations where there are access problems; working both as a prime contractor and as sub-contractor facilitating access for other technicians. We have found that rope access frequently offers a more flexible and economic way of doing this kind of work when compared to for example traditional scaffolding solutions.

Finally for this post, in response to the changing world we have added disinfecting work to our roster of capabilities. Tundra Rescue has considerable experience working in environments where substances that are much more immediately dangerous to life than SARS-CoV-2 are present, and for organisations that now facing new or more intensive disinfecting requirements we may be able to assist, particularly in situations where access to some of the areas requiring disinfecting may be difficult either because they are at heights or within enclosed or confined spaces.

We hope everyone has a great June and continues to stay safe and well.