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Tundra Rescue is pleased to announce that we have successfully completed the Foundation level of the Ontario WSIB Health and Safety Excellence program.


The WSIB Health and Safety Excellence program provides a structured method and approach for businesses based in Ontario to develop, improve and demonstrate the effectiveness of their occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS).


Tundra Rescue technicians performing a rope access task

The program is designed to confirm certain organizational competencies and qualities including: knowledge of health and safety; the presence and effectiveness of an occupational health and safety management system; and the presence and effectiveness of support services that have an impact on health and safety in the business.


This program is a significant commitment for a small business and in our case initiation to validation took around 12 months in which we enhanced our competencies and systems in areas including Health and Safety Communication, Recognition of Hazards, Risk Assessment, Control of Hazards and Injury, Illness and Incident Reporting.


We are particularly pleased that our submission to the program was accepted without the requirement for additional clarification and changes, which we are led to believe is quite unusual.


At Tundra Rescue we are always looking to do things better, but as an organization that specifically helps other businesses with aspects of their own Health and Safety programs it is very important to us that our own OHSMS standards are high, and the completion of this program is a meaningful validation of that objective.


Tundra Rescue’s consultancy services offers advice and assessment support to organisations in Ontario and beyond which are required to work in and around confined spaces.


Tundra Rescue is a leading provider of industrial support services involving confined spaces and vertical access challenges in Ontario. If you have any projects that involve confined space safety or technical work with access implications, please do get in touch to see how we can assist.