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Tundra provides crane rescue and crane safety training services in Ontario


When workers in Ontario are operating a tower crane or working at heights on a construction project, trained rescuers need to be available. This is in line with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and the Canadian Standards Association code Z248-17.

Tundra Rescue has the ability to support companies using cranes with their crane rescue operations and crane safety training.

Our experience includes crane safety training courses for staff who are required to manage crane rescue operations; the creation and review of crane rescue plans; and advice on crane rescue techniques; standby rescue operations and advice about methodologies and equipment.

We have also run specific rope access operations on cranes on behalf of the cranes owners or subcontractors including crane inspections and aesthetic improvements to cranes including hanging and adjusting promotional or brand banners.


Crane Safety and Rescue Operations


Our team specializes in rope access systems designed to help you meet all of your vertical access needs. Unlike more familiar methods, the rope systems that our team provides can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption to your operations, and they allow for faster, easier, and safer access to the equipment to all kind of vertical structures including towers and cranes.

A sample Crane Rescue training course: (1-2 days)

This course would prepare trainees to

  • Rescue workers from various locations on a tower crane
  • Rescue workers who have fallen on a construction site, and are suspended by fall arrest equipment

Prerequisites would include:

  • Current First Aid and CPR
  • Current Working at Heights (CPO approved)

Course Syllabus:

  • Use and limitations of rescue equipment
  • Selection of anchors for rescue system
  • Operation of rescue system
  • Review of regulations
  • Use and limitations of rescuer PPE
  • Managing suspension trauma
  • Inspection, storage, and maintenance of rescue equipment

Instructor Information:

Our instructors are active technical rescuers with thousands of hours of experience in the field. With a strong practical understanding of the construction industry, they are able to effectively and efficiently communicate training material.


Tundra Rescue is proud to serve Ontario and beyond, and we are committed to providing the most reliable vertical access solutions while ensuring that your organisation meets its own objectives. If you need crane rescue training or other types of crane operations solutions where rope access would assist your mission please give our team a call to find out more about how we can help.