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Tundra Rescue provides painting and coating services in Ontario


As well as providing rope access and high angle safety services Tundra Rescue also delivers a variety of industrial and commerical technical services. These include painting and coating services, in particular for sites and situtions in Ontario where there may be access challenges, and where traditional approaches to reaching the areas needing to be painted and coated are not viable or inefficient.

These kinds of sites include including roofs, spans, bridges, towers, silos, high walls and other places where there is uneven ground ground underneath such as factories where there is machinery or other items below which cannot be moved easily. They also include the inside of vessels, tanks, shafts and towers which may be designated as confined spaces.

A Tundra Rescue technician conducting roof maintenance on a well-known building in Toronto

Our experience includes state-of-the-art technical manufacturing sites, towers, wind turbines, silos and spans, a performance stage, a waterpark, a well-known museum, a very high profile sporting stadium and a flagpole on top of a high-rise building.

We have worked independently on painting and coating tasks but we also have well-established relationships with some of Ontario’s leading painting and coating companies with whom we have partnered  on mutiple successful projects.

In these cases we assist with elements of the scope of work where additional technical access capabilities are necessary. In some situations it makes sense to pass on inquiries for those partners to act as the prime contractor supported by Tundra Rescue, and we welcome interest from organisations working in this field too where Tundra Rescue would act in a subcontractor capacity.

Our rope access teams are able to assess each task and advice on the suitability of rope or other access methods as well as provide planning and safety advice, equipment, trained technicians, standby rescue operations for difficult access tasks. Our rope access procedures are fully in accordance with SPRAT and/or IRATA methodologies.

Tundra Rescue is proud to serve Ontario and beyond, and we are committed to providing the most reliable painting and coating services in Ontario while ensuring that your organisation meets its own objectives.

If you require painting services or coating solutions where rope access could potentially assist with achieving your objective please give our team a call to find out more about how we can help.