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Tundra Rescue provides roof safety and other roof access services in Toronto

There are a variety of tasks associated with roof access and roof safety which Tundra Rescue can assist with. These include including roof maintenance, roof painting, roof refurbishment, some times of roofing installation, the installation and maintenance of items and equipment on roofs, and snow clearance from roofs during winter. We have also assisted companies making films in Ontario with their rooftop safety and aerial rigging.

In some cases it may be easy and safety to accomplish this work without the need for a specialist access team like Tundra Rescue, however in other situations having highly-skilled roof access and roof safety assistance may be necessary, especially where normal access methods like scaffolding or boom lifts may not be practical, or where a task has some additional complexity such as a particularly steep roof or a multi-levelled roof.

Our rope access teams are able to assess each task and advice on the suitability of rope access methods as well as provide planning and safety advice, equipment, trained technicians, standby rescue operations and even training for workers required to complete tasks at height, and we have partnered with construction, coatings and building management and engineering firms to assist with work on roofs and at high difficult access areas on buildings, towers and bridges amongst other types of structures.

Tundra Rescue specializes in rope access systems designed to help you meet all of your vertical access needs. Unlike more familiar methods, the rope systems that we provide can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption and they often allow for faster, easier, and safer access to  to all kind of vertical structures.

Tundra Rescue is proud to serve Toronto, Ontario and beyond, and we are committed to providing the most reliable vertical access solutions while ensuring that your organisation meets its own objectives. If you need any type of solution where rope access could potentially assist with achieving your objective please give our team a call to find out more about how we can help.