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Tundra Rescue provides sign installation, sign maintenance & sign removal in Toronto

Tundra Rescue does much more than rescue standby work. Amongst the various industrial services we provide using rope access and other high angle techniques is sign installation, sign maintenance and sign removal, at heights or in difficult access places.

We have installed and removed both solid signs, canvas signs, banners and types of adhesive signage for customers involved in facility management, advertising, education and healthcare amongst others.

Tundra Rescue technicians installing a banner-style sign.

We provide a safe and cost-effective alternative to boom lifts, ladders and scaffolding solutions, or where practical hybrid scaffold and rope solutions.

In one case we even managed to complete a sign change for a large, solid, heavy sign, where the only remaining alternative for our client if our approach did not work was to use a helicopter at a very high cost.

Our rope access teams are able to assess each task and advice on the suitability of rope access methods as well as provide planning and safety advice, equipment, trained technicians, and provide standby rescue operations if required.

Sometimes our clients would like us to clean the area of the surface where the sign has been prior to installation or after it has been removed. This is something that we can do too.

As well as sign installation, sign maintenance and sign removal, we regularly work with construction, coatings and building management and engineering firms to assist with work on roofs and at high difficult access areas on buildings, towers and bridges amongst other types of structure, using rope access systems based on SPRAT or IRATA methodology.

Tundra Rescue technicians conducting building maintenance after removing a sign in Toronto

Unlike more familiar methods, the rope systems that we deliver can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption and they often allow for faster, easier, and safer access to  to all kind of vertical structures.

Tundra Rescue is proud to serve Toronto, Ontario and beyond, and we are committed to providing the most reliable vertical access solutions while ensuring that your organisation meets its own objectives.

If you need any type of solution like sign installation or sign removal, where rope access could potentially assist with achieving your objective please give our team a call or send a message to our contact form to find out more about how we can help.