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Tundra Rescue provides health and safety oversight, supervision, onsite rescue and access services in support of shutdowns and maintenance at facilities in Ottawa

When industrial facilities and plants are shutdown or suspended for routine and emergency maintenance work that can include testing and checks, urgent repairs, replacement of parts, non-destructive testing and cleaning, this sometimes requires staff and contractors to access areas of these facilities which they do not normally enter.

This can present technical access and safety challenges for process owners and health and safety managers.

Tundra Rescue offers shutdown support services across Ontario.

These areas could be tanks, vessels, pipes, shafts, silos, spans, heights and roof areas, and some shutdowns have more complex access issues that combine heights, confined spaces, technically difficult work and environments with potentially hazardous agents present.

As well as supporting routine work and maintenance tasks Tundra Rescue also provides safety advice and access support to both planned and emergency shutdowns across a broad range of industries and sectors.

These include clients working in environmental services, chemical engineering, aerospace, wind energy, facilities management, wastewater management, automotive and food and beverage manufacturing amongst others.

As our references can attest, we have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to design and deliver effective and efficient solutions for our customers, frequently saving time and money when compared to previous approaches, while also never compromising on worker safety.

As well as providing safe access, rescue teams and safety advice we can also perform some technical functions too, not just managing and facilitating access but also completing other technical parts of your scope of work.

If you are planning a shutdown for emergency, routine or infrequent maintenance and need safety, rescue or technical access support please do get in touch to see if we can help you.

Tundra Rescue but provides access, rescue and other industrial services throughout Ontario.


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