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We can partner to assist you reach your health, safety goals and risk management goals.

Tundra Rescue can assist our customers reach their health and safety objectives as either a health and safety consulting partner or a health and safety training partner, or as we have done for a number of well-known organisations, a mixture of both.

Our Capabilities

Our potential support includes:

  • reviewing your existing safety health and safety policies, procedures and programs, or helping you develop them if you don’t already have any;
  • assisting with your hazard identification and mitigation; and,
  • providing or recommending training options to address your identified needs

We have specific expertise in the areas of confined space safety and in challenging access situations, however we would be happy to review requests for assistance in other areas of health and safety and risk management, including risk, crisis management, wellness and travel safety services delivered through our Tundra International brand.

Our Experience

We have a ten-year history of developing practical customized training programs to public and private sector organizations including organisations involved in engineering, construction, manufacturing and the Department of National Defence. Well-equipped and with considerable human capital, we are an ideal partner to assist with your health & safety consulting, training or risk management requirements.

Even in situations where we do not have the available expertise to address an inquiry, we have been frequently able to make positive recommendations about service providers that can assist.

Our Instructors and Consultants

Our instructors are subject matter experts on many health and safety topics, with extensive teaching experience that in many cases has included public sector and the armed forces assignments. These in range from board-level consultations in risk and crisis management, business continuity and travel safety, to practical hands-on training courses in health and safety themes like work-at-heights.

For onsite practical courses we maintain a purpose-built 40-acre training centre in Ontario that includes both indoor and outdoor structures designed to provide effective training in a dynamic, enriching environment. Additionally, we can offer work-at-heights, confined space safety training in accordance with Ontario’s provincial regulations, and more, at our customers’ locations.

For your customized health and safety consulting and training in Toronto, we would be pleased to hear about your challenges and what we can potentially do for you.

Contact us today to set up a consultation and to find out more.

At Tundra Rescue, we provide health & safety services throughout Ontario, including Stayner, Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara, St. Catharines, London, and Sarnia.