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It might not look like much from this picture – just a few technicians working around a tripod above a manhole – but the picture represents just a very small part of the execution of one of the more complex confined space safety projects we have successfully accomplished to date.

Tundra Rescue technicians preparing for a confined space entry to an underground water pipeline system.

Supporting a large, multinational water technology services company this project involved months of advance planning and project design, and culminated in two weeks of onsite work where eleven Tundra Rescue technicians facilitiated safe access and provided confined space safety support in accordance with Ontario Regulation 632/05 (O Reg 632/05) to the client’s technicians and staff as they entered a network of water pipelines and chambers in the Greater Toronto Area.

Already a demanding task, made even more challenging by very cold and difficult weather conditions, our performance on this project was under particular scrutiny by both the client and the respective regional authorities following a tragic recent fatality that occurred when another organisation was conducting an entry into a very similar type of water system in December last year.

At the successful conclusion of the project last week Tundra Rescue was commended both by our client and independent observers for their professional management, communication and performance, and we are pleased to start 2023 in such a positive way.

Confined space entry to a water pipeline system


Tundra Rescue is a leading provider of industrial support services involving confined spaces and vertical access challenges in Ontario. If you have any projects that involve confined space safety or access issues, whether these involves just one entry or multiple, complex entries over a longer period of time, or technical work with access implications, please do get in touch to see how we can assist.