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Like most businesses in Canada April was a quieter month at Tundra Rescue than we would have thought it was going to be back in January, although from the viewpoint of how the situation was looking across Canada at the start of April we were perhaps a little busier than we might have expected, which is positive both for us and our customers.

Using a variety of procedural and technical risk controls to mitigate against the risks associated with COVID-19 we have been continuing to support organisations working in essential parts of Ontario’s economy with their confined space safety and rope access requirements throughout the month, and these have included tasks in sectors such as manufacturing, energy and civil engineering.

Looking forward into May, as the weather improves we will shortly be starting some new wind turbine maintenance projects, which our technicians are looking forward to, and hopefully these will also provide us some nice pictures to post on this site or our Instagram page.

Otherwise, we continue to stand ready to support our customers, new and old, as safely as we possibly can; and if you aren’t sure what  rope access can potentially do for your business please do take a look at this infographic we have developed to help demonstrate the very broad range of commercial situations where it can add value.

Looking across to Europe, in some of the countries which were hit the hardest in this pandemic including Spain and Italy, lockdown and other restrictive measures are beginning to be lifted, and while undoubtedly there are economic and personal challenges ahead for many of us, this does show that just as winter in Ontario has turned in spring, there is some light ahead in this pandemic too.

We wish everyone a great month and we hope you all continue to keep safe and well.