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Confined space rescue with safety at the forefront of every mission.

Delivering confined space rescue solutions to companies and organizations throughout Hamilton, Ontario, at Tundra Rescue, our approach is to design access systems that are compliant with all relevant safety codes and best technical practices that allow us to supervise, monitor and if necessary, evacuate workers from the confined spaces quickly and effectively, in both complex and more straightforward working environments.

Confined Space Rescue, Hamilton, ON

We always develop a custom confined space rescue plan before entering any small space to swiftly function in the event of an emergency, and our teams come to every site with equipment including air monitoring devices, and where necessary, tripods and rope systems to allow remote or contact rescue, first aid and trauma response equipment, a confined space attendant, ventilation equipment, and full documentation (including a jobsite safety analysis and confined space permit).

In fact, we consistently go beyond compliance to implement rescue plans that ensure and optimize safety for all entrants, seamlessly coordinating with all members of your team and watching out for your people, and ultimately helping you to meet your project and organizational goals.

Regardless whether your requirement is a complex, hazardous task or something that is more routine, we look forward to working with and partnering with your organization on an ongoing basis. Find out more about how we develop confined space rescue missions and why our approach is successful by contacting us at Tundra Rescue today. You can also reach out to us to receive a quote for your next project.

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