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We go beyond compliance when providing confined space rescue solutions.

Making confined space projects safer, more effective, and more efficient is our focus at Tundra Rescue. We have extensive experience helping companies access and complete projects in challenging working conditions, and our technicians are trained extensively to handle work in confined spaces and work according to NFPA standards. Many of our technicians are also certified by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) or the Industrial Rope Access Trade Associate (IRATA).

Confined Space Rescue in Sarnia, Ontario

We offer confined space rescue solutions throughout the Sarnia, Ontario area, and we do more than just ensure your project complies with industry and provincial regulations. Before providing any sort of confined space rescue solutions, we will create a custom rescue plan. This plan will enable our standby team to function swiftly in the event of an emergency.

When we come to your site, our emergency access team will be prepared with the assets and equipment the project may require. This may include air monitoring equipment, remote or contact rescue ability, first aid and trauma response, a tripod or rope access, a confined space attendant, customized rescue plans, ventilation equipment, and full documentation for the project, which may include a confined space permit or jobsite safety analysis.

Our team is always eager to help with even the most high-risk or critical confined space rescue initiatives. We look forward to partnering with your organization and helping you support the safety of your organization. To learn more about our rescue solutions or confined space rescue options, contact us today.

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