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Prevent lower energy production with regular wind turbine cleaning.

When debris builds up on blades of your wind turbines, this results in lower energy production. Wind turbine cleaning is a value-added service and one we are proud to offer at Tundra Rescue.

Wind Turbine Cleaning in Ontario

For the regular person down below, a soiled wind turbine simply looks unpleasant. But for the wind farm owner, a dirty wind turbine is a problem because the accumulation of dirt and oil can increase wind resistance. We recommend turning to us for wind turbine cleaning services every few years to improve the appearance of your wind turbines and help them achieve maximum performance.

Our technicians rely on rope access to safely clean the blades, turbine, nacelle, and interior and/or exterior of the tower. We can also inspect your blades and turbine for any irregularities during the cleaning process to help you make informed decisions about these assets.

The cleaning solutions we use during the wind turbine cleaning process are environmentally friendly, so they do not harm surrounding plant life. However, they still provide a deep clean that effectively eliminates dirt, oil, and other buildup to enhance production and ongoing performance.

Everything that blows around in the wind, from sand to insects, oil, and dirt, has the power to impact the performance and function of your wind turbines. Prevent buildup from impacting performance by scheduling us to perform wind turbine cleaning at your wind farm in Ontario. For additional information about this service and what it entails, reach out to us today.