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2020 Update from Tundra Rescue

Inspecting the condition of wind turbines is vital at all phases of their lifecycle. A wind turbine inspection can provide confirmation of a turbine’s structural soundness, fabrication, maintenance and performance amongst other factors. Regular wind turbine inspections are likely to be a procedural requirement because of local ordinances or due to your insurance company’s requests.

Tundra Rescue can offer reliable, safe support to your inspection process in Ontario. Our Global Wind Organisation (GWO) qualified technicians can help indentify criteria like blade damage and cleanliness using techniques including rope access and high resolution photography, while potentially saving your site time and money in comparison to other types of inspection techniques.

In the event that our inspections identify issues that require additional work, such as fibre glass repair for turbine blades and other types of maintenance we will then also be able to address these for our customers too.

To schedule our support with a wind turbine inspection or find out more, contact us today.