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Our confined space entry professionals ensure compliance, efficiency and safety.

Your workplace may contain areas defined as “confined spaces.” Although these spaces are big enough for workers to get into and perform certain tasks, they are not necessarily designed for people to work in for extended periods of time. Examples of confined spaces include silos, tanks, storage bins, vessels, manholes, tunnels, vaults, ductwork, pipelines, and equipment housings.

Some confined spaces are hazardous. For example, certain confined spaces may present electrical and mechanical hazards, or the risk of falling from heights. When you need to access a confined space to perform repairs or maintenance, it is in the best interests of your employees and organization to contract a confined space entry professional to assist you with this task, and in fact, depending on the specific nature of the space, this may be your legal obligation, too, if your firm does not have internal resources available to ensure compliance with work safety codes and duty of care obligations.

Our confined space entry professionals at Tundra Rescue serve organizations throughout Niagara, ON. We build our confined space entry programs with the aim of both optimizing safety for the entrant to ensure we can quickly and efficiently complete the required task. In addition to our standard confined space solutions, we also offer emergency service and onsite trauma care. We have emergency professionals on call at all times who can rescue anyone trapped within a confined space swiftly and effectively.

We can solve your facility’s safety issues with dynamic confined space entry solutions backed by experience, extensive training, excellent back-end administrative support, and a focus on efficiency and safety. To discuss your requirements for an upcoming confined space entry project, reach out to us at Tundra Rescue today.

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