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Tundra Rescue provides safe, efficient, versatile and cost-effective rope access solutions


Tundra Rescue has been providing rope access solutions since 2011. Going far beyond standby safety work our capabilities also include:

– Installation, repairs, and maintenance
– Cleaning, coating, and painting
– Inspections, and specialist access services

Our rope access solutions customers come from a very wide range of industries including those involved in construction, engineering, manufacturing, painting and coatings, waste water, facilities maintenance, energy, leisure, advertising, film and media, and various technical trades amongst many others.

Rope access has a very broad range of applications in situations where physical access is a challenge and is potentially suitable to use in all kinds of tasks above and below ground, and we work in all kinds of situations.

In the last year alone we have worked on wind turbines, silos, bridges, manufacturing plants, construction sites, communications towers, large storage and processing facilities, and even some water slides and a well-known museum roof amongst many other situations.

Applying modern equipment, reliable techniques, and independently certified training and technicians through SPRAT or IRATA, our rope access solutions offer a safe, versatile, efficient, and economical method of solving vertical access problems.

Tundra Rope Access Services

A Tundra Rescue rope access technician at work

Tundra Rescue’s technicians can deploy in a broad range of environments to carry out everything from maintenance and inspections to painting or restoration.

From wind turbines and confined spaces to industrial spaces or areas that require scaffolding, rope access services can be applied across multiple industries.

Further, unlike traditional access methods, our rope access solutions are highly customizable and rapidly adaptable to suit unique and changing task requirements and environmental factors.

We can install and remove rope access systems quickly usually with minimal interference to operations. Rope access also typically uses fewer personnel and all of this also typically minimizes downtime relative to standard access methods. Additionally, with fewer personnel, faster completion, streamlined equipment, and reduced downtime, lower costs can be achieved.

Serving a variety of organizations and industries in Ontario and beyond, our team at Tundra Rescue is committed to enhancing safety for personnel who work at heights and we are constantly evaluating new ways in which using ropes can solve access and safety problems for different industries. In short, any situation requiring a mechanical lift, crane, or scaffolding may also be suitable for rope access.

Offering a high degree of client focus, we exceed expectations with the efficiency of our work onsite and associated administrative support. For additional information about what we offer in terms of rope access solutions and safety standby support, contact us today.


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