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For customized rope access solutions to your vertical access requirements, you can always count on us.

Services Include:
– Installation, repairs, and maintenance
– Cleaning, coating, and painting
– Inspections
– Additional specialty services are available

There are many ways to solve vertical access challenges, but many of these solutions are cumbersome or costly. If you have used cranes, lifts or scaffolding in the past and are wondering if there is a cheaper, more flexible solution, then the answer is probably, yes. At Tundra Rescue, we specialize in solving vertical access problems using rope access solutions that are cost-effective and efficient. Our highly trained personnel can install a rope access system, train and supervise your personnel to use it safely, or provide our own technical specialists to complete the work you need completed.

Operating since 2011, we utilize years of experience and training to create customized rope access solutions suitable for access issues in just about any environment or industry. Our rope access solutions are rapidly adaptable and use modern equipment that is extremely safe when used correctly, and in any case, we also provide a standby rescue capability in cases of problems.

From small, one-off rope access tasks to major operations like wind farms and real estate management, we have worked in many different environments and sectors, including:

    • Electrical engineering
    • Food and beverage manufacturing
    • Automotive manufacturing
    • Wind energy
    • Construction and civil engineering
    • Pipeline management
    • Facilities and building management
    • Painting and coatings
    • Defence and security
    • Film and media production

When you call us about your needed rope access solutions in Hamilton, Ontario, you can be sure that we have the knowledge and experience needed to tackle the job, as further shown by our certifications with third-party compliance organizations like Comply Works, ISN and Browz. Call today and let’s get started together.

Rope Access Solutions in Toronto, ON
Rope Access Solutions in Ontario


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